On Friday afternoon at 4pm, a cavalcade of around forty vehicles will set off from Val de Vray and travel for 40 minutes through the neighbouring villages of Aigné, La Milesse and La Chapelle Saint Aubin. The convoy will end its journey with a visit to “Handi Village” and the “Centre du Handicap de l’Arche”, which will delight patients and staff alike.

It’s a convoy that’s eagerly awaited in every community it passes through! The convoy is due to return to the Classic British Welcome site at around 5pm.

To add to this superb spectacle, the cars will be escorted by a number of Harley Davidson  motorbikes  to secure your route.

To enter, go to the “Contact” page and fill in the form with details and a link to a photo of your car. If you are accepted, we will need a copy of your vehicle registration document, driving licence and insurance certificate.

Places are strictly limited and allocated by the SSCBW organisers.

As well as our CAVALCADE :

There will be another convoy of a few cars escorted by around thirty motorbikes from the “LE MANS LEGEND CHAPTER” which will leave at 14 p.m. from the Classic British Welcome to join The Grand Parade of Pilots in the town centre.