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The festival of 1000 cars
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The festival of 1000 cars
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The festival of 1000 cars
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The festival of 1000 cars

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On March 1st, the Classic British Welcome welcomed its Partners and Volunteers to the Val de Vray. Despite the fact that the event took place

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Partners’ Evening

Friday March 1 2024 will take place the traditional evening of Classic British Welcome partners. This evening will be an opportunity to bring together the

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The Classic British Welcome originated from a passion for Le Mans and the 24 hour race. It’s a fun, colourful car show to welcome visitors to Le Mans, and is held every year on the Friday before the 24 hour race. Over a thousand classic cars of all shapes and sizes, from all around the world, gather in Saint-Saturnin, on the northern outskirts of Le Mans.

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Do you need a relaxing break, want to meet up with friends or just mingle with other classic car owners?

Are you ready to have a wash and brush-up, let your engine cool off whilst you enjoy a cool drink and a bite to eat ?

Want to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, exhibitions, stalls, live music, air conditioned cinema and a lot more ?

Then the Saint Saturnin Classic British Welcome is your ideal venue!

Bring your classic car and show it off in the exhibition car park and grounds with around 1000 sports and classic cars. 


An unmissable annual event, founded in 2001 and staged annually in the small village of Saint-Saturnin is just outside Le Mans, to the North-West of the town.


For most of the year the population is around 2,300, but during the Le Mans 24hr weekend, it doubles or even triples!

Before the motorway was opened, the many British visitors to Le Mans would pass through the village on their way to the circuit.

If a car stopped, whatever the marque, whether it be a Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lotus, Porsche or Ferrari, or just an interesting model, it would always attract a crowd.

The enthusiasm and curiosity of the Saint-Saturnin villagers prompted them to organise the Classic British Welcome, giving visitors a reason to stop off in the village.

Organised as part of the Le Mans 24 hour race, the Classic British Welcome is acknowledged by the race organiser the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO).

The main event of the Classic British Welcome takes place on the Friday before the 24 hour race, when Saint-Saturnin becomes one huge car show. The Val-de-Vray centre is the hub of the event and is surrounded by hundreds of classic cars. The vehicles presented range from prestigious marques to small manufacturers, sports cars or large sedans, modern or vintage…

Their country of origin is of no importance: the key to the success of the Classic British Welcome is the variety of vehicles and the enthusiasm of their owners who each contribute to making the event the friendliest, most relaxed gathering one could wish for.

The Classic British Welcome attracts around 6,000 visitors who flock to admire over 1,000 classic and sports cars. In Saint-Saturnin you are likely to spot marques as diverse as Bentley, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Austin, Lotus, Lagonda, MG, Ferrari, Porsche, Ford GT, Audi R8, TVR, Fiat, Mercedes, Alpine, Alfa Roméo, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Triumph, Saab, Marcos, Corvette, Viper, Maserati…

The list is endless because everyone is welcome !

There are separate visitors’ car-parks to enable everyone to attend. Many visitors return every year and their fervour is part of the enduring success of the Saint-Saturnin Classic British Welcome.


Entry and Parking

Park & Ride service

Air conditioned cinema

Theme marque display in the main hall

In addition, there are stands offering meals, snacks, ice cream and drinks and others selling motoring/racing memorabilia.

Wander around the stands, watch a film, admire the cars, have a bite to eat and then see off the Saint-Saturnin Cavalcade of prestigious cars as they make their way into town for the Parade des Pilotes. This not-to-be-missed event is free for both visitors and exhibitors. The Classic British Welcome in Saint-Saturnin is the place to be. 

the association & enquiries

The “Classic British Welcome” association was founded in 2002 and the event has become one of the highlights of the Le Mans week for locals and visitors to “24 heures du Mans”.  

Today the CBW festival is a meeting point for some 8,000 visitors and around 1,000 “Classic and Sports Cars” of all makes from all over Europe.
There are over 100 volunteers that manage the main festival event, with the majority living in and around the village of Saint Saturnin, the ‘home of the “Classic British Welcome”.
The Association is administered by a committee of normally 8 members and they are supported by around another 10 managers of the various commissions (Decoration, Parking, Catering, Boutique etc.) that deliver the various key aspects of the festival.

The Saint-Saturnin Classic British Welcome is a non-profit organisation.

jean christophe mazel


A specialist and enthusiast of automobiles, Jean Christophe brings all his expertise to the association.



Having lived in the UK for several years, it was only natural that Magali joined the association in 2008 where she manages the registration and the start of the Cavalcade.

David Williams


A CBW member since 2012, David chooses the theme and manages contacts with automobile clubs and associations. He also organises prestige cars for the display in the main hall and other CBW events.

Albert jan rovers


Linked to the association since 2018, he is in charge of contacts with foreign visitors and participates in the various commissions.

Patrick marillier


Arrived in the association in 2019, Patrick is a true car enthusiast. Animated by the "friendly" atmosphere of the British Welcome, he holds the position of Treasurer of the CBW


Assistant Treasurer

Member of the association for over 10 years. Jean Marie is a collector and automobile enthusiast.

Yann Forges


Having joined the association more than 10 years ago, Yann has been a member of the safety and parking commission, and now he is responsible for it. He is also a key point of contact for volunteers. He is now the CBW Secretary.


Assistant Secretary

Assistant secretary of the association, Nicolas is present and active in the organization of CBW events.


When is the Classic British Welcome ?

The Friday before the Le Mans 24HR race every year, 9am – 5pm.

Where is the Classic British Welcome ?

In the village of Saint Saturnin, a few km north of Le Mans.

See the “ACCESS” page.

Do I need to have a classic or sports car to attend ?

No, everyone is welcome regardless of what they drive.

Is it just for British cars ?

Absolutely not ! All marques and nationalities are welcome.

Do I need to book ?

No, just arrive and enjoy yourselves (unless you are in the cavalcade).

Do I have to pay for entry ?

No, entry is free.

Do I have to pay for parking ?

No, parking is free and so is the Park & Ride scheme.

Can I take part in the cavalcade ?

Places are limited and you must apply beforehand.

See the “CAVALCADE” page.